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Trademarks and copyrights

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Logo Registration

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In case you doubt that your brand name is being copied by someone or anyone else, you can file up the issue legally and sue them if you have registered your logo, brand name or slogan.


What exactly is trademark?

A trademark can be a logo, design, shape, and combination of colors, combination of different shapes, goods, etc and its uniqueness differently shown in its design. It is used to identify and distinguish the goods/services of one seller or provider, and to indicate the source of the goods or services.

Trademark registration in India creates an intangible asset. Registered TM can be sold, assigned, franchised or commercially contracted to bring benefits to the company or the individual proprietor.

It also can be a mix of letters or numbers. Trademarks of this sort are made of one or more words

The renewal date is computed 10 years from the date the registration was granted, Renewal is Mandatory in Law.



(i) Protects your mark throughout the India. (For International    Approvals, please call us)

(ii) Available when you do business with different states.

(iii) Provides a presumption of the mark’s ownership.

When you register a trademark in India, you will establish these rights:

  • Use the trademark exclusively
  • Sue third parties for infringing the registered mark
  • Request for confiscation of fake goods


Classes of Trademark

There are 45 TM classes where you can register your brand name in the type of the field which is related to your business model or where you want to protect the brand or trade name.

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