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ISO Registration

Understanding ISO Registration:
Offered by ISO, the registration increases the credibility of a service or product. It is usually considered as a benchmark that allows the consumers to ensure that the particular product or service is of credible standards. However, the certification should not be misinterpreted as a license or permit. It is only benchmark for standardization and quality management.
Two important ISO certifications are:
• ISO 9001 that certifies quality management systems
• ISO 14001 a standard used for environmental management systems
Advantages of ISO certification:
• It increases your credibility in terms of quality and standardization.
• The benchmarked process ensure more cost and operation efficiency.
• It ensures that the processes are managed and result-oriented.
PF – ESI Registration
Understanding EPF & ESI Registration:
EPF: Employee’s Provident Fund is a scheme run under the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952.It is a benefit provided by the employer to the employee for retirement. Any company/ establishment/ factory that employs 20 or more employees must need to register for EPF. PF contribution in 12% of the basic wage of an employee which is paid by both employer and the employee.
ESI: Employee’s State Insurance (ESI) is a social security and heath care insurance that an employee finances himself and the employer contributes to it too. As per the rules, any organization employing 20 employees or more must have ESI registration. ESI contribution is mandatory for all employees earning Rest. 15000 or less. A total 6.75% of the gross salary is contributed to the ESI wherein the employer contributes 4.75% and employee contributes 1.75%.

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